Wrap Care Tips

Care Tips for Vehicle Graphics

In order to keep your graphics bright and beautiful with strong adhesion, here are some tips to care for your new vinyl wrap.

Can I pressure wash my vehicle after the vinyl is installed?

We highly recommend NOT to pressure wash the vehicle after installation of the vinyl. Some pressure washers can potentially lift up the vinyl because of improper use of the water pressure. Always best to hand wash vehicle wraps in order to get the most life out of them.

Can I take my vehicle through the car wash?

We recommend wraps to be hand washed to maintain life expectancy. Wraps can go through a car wash, but the longevity of the wrap may be compromised.  High pressure washers and harsh chemicals should be avoided.  Please wait as long as possible to wash your new graphics, to allow the adhesive to cure. Warm sunny days will bake out any remaining air bubbles, and help your adhesive settle to it’s long-life state.

Do I have to wash my vehicle before installation?

Yes. All vehicles have to be free of dust, mud, pollen, and other agents that may slow down the installation process.


Do wraps damage my paint?

No, in fact, wrap material (when applied and removed correctly by a professional) actually protects your paint from minor scratches. The only way the paint on your vehicle could become damaged is if the paint was already chipped/damaged, or if you applied a new coat of paint over the existing OEM.