Whether it is a sign on the door or a billboard on the highway, a well-done sign can grab a lot of attention. That is why many businesses use professional signs and graphics to attract potential clients or customers. Depending on the design, many signs can be very eye-catching and draw people in, increasing their interest in your business. Read on as we go through why signage is important to your business.

Brand Identity

Signs can say a lot about your brand. Studies have shown that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is through visuals. When people look at your sign, it is a representation of your brand and business. Brand identity helps with targeting ideal consumers and having a leg up against competitors.

Working with the right company is crucial in making sure that your sign represents what you want it to. Coloring, design, even text can show the character of your business. Working with professionals can ensure a great sign that is in line with your business guidelines and image.


Marketing tactics and initiatives can get expensive. Many marketing tactics such as digital ads are timely, and after a certain amount of time the ads can get lost under so many other posts or advertisements from other companies. Having signage, however, is another story. Professional signs and graphics are up all day, every day, every year. Signage creates around-the-clock marketing that is very cost-effective.

Unlike some digital marketing, signs are there in the public eye. Anyone driving or walking past will be able to look at it and be exposed to your business. If your sign has consistency throughout the different variations of marketing, your business will become easily recognizable.


The very first impression that many people have from a business is appearance. Your sign, logo, and even storefront (if applicable). People get to know your business without even interacting with it. They know how your present yourself, your style, and your type of business just from looking at a sign.

Based on a FedEx study done in 2012, 76% of consumers in America visit stores that they never have before based on the signage. Portraying the strong characteristics of your business within your signage is essential in drawing in new consumers as well as having consistently returning clients.

Signage can help any business flourish when done right. Professional signs and graphics done by an expert company can increase cliental and add that final touch to any business. Rockwall Hightech Signs offers a variety of services and options for the Rockwall, TX area. Contact us today to learn more about getting your business the perfect sign.