Custom signage can be seen in many places throughout a particular area, including vehicle wraps in Texas. This can be a great marketing tool for your business to attract new and returning clients. In the public eye today, signs and advertising need to catch the eye quick and rely on the message even quicker. This is especially true when it comes to vehicles. There is only a limited time for the consumer to see the design on the vehicle before being separated in different directions.

Keeping the design clean and slick is crucial to catch attention. Here are a few things to know about caring for vehicle wraps in Texas.


Spot free surface

Before we can get a beautiful design on your vehicle, the exterior needs to be clean. The vehicle must be free of any pollen, dust, mud, or any other stain/natural residue. This allows for the best results when wrapping the vehicle. Having a clean surface will allow the adhesive to be stronger and the installation process to go much quicker.


After the installation

Congratulations! You have a brand-new design on your vehicle. The average life span of your design varies on the material and if it was a full wrap or lettering. A few things can shorten the life of the vinyl:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Car Washes
  • Chemicals

Wait as long as possible after the service to wash the car. We recommend washing the car by hand after having the vehicle wrap done and using soaps that do not have harsh chemicals. This will allow the design to stay on and clean for a longer time.


Removal of vehicle vinyl

The graphics on your vehicle can be easily removed if the right vinyl was used. We do offer removal services; however, you can remove them at home as well. It is recommended not to wait until the end of the lifespan to remove the vinyl because it can become tougher to remove. If the vinyl is still glossy, a hot day will warm up the adhesive enough to be able to be removed. Using a heat gun and plastic razor will get the job done as well. Any remaining residue can be removed with a non-toxic spray, such as RapidRemover orange peel adhesive remover.

If the vinyl is cracked and has dust, the adhesive may have become permanent. We have a tool called an eraser wheel that can take this off, however this is only used with a waiver signed. We have no way to tell the condition of the paint prior to putting the vinyl on. This is the last resort. We ask our clients to remove the vinyl before this point to keep the integrity of the paint on the vehicle itself.

Vehicle wrapping is a great tool to advertise your business or brand. The design is the unique expression of what your brand is. That is why we make it simple for you to get the exact vehicle wrap you want. Installation of a full wrap only takes a day, and a spot wrap can be done in one hour. Contact us at Rockwall Hightech Signs today to get started. We offer the best and most reliable vehicle wraps in Texas.