Vehicle wrapping is a technique where a vehicle is partially or completely wrapped with a vinyl sheet. It can be done to change the color of the car or advertise a brand. So in essence, this process will create a mobile billboard and promote your brand on the go. Before vinyl wraps came into the picture, the outer surface of vehicles was painted. Vinyl Truck wraps or Car Wraps are a great leap and simplified the process of replacing or removing an advertisement.

They can be applied on bigger surfaces, like those on buses and trucks, or carried out on the smaller surfaces of cars and vans. Every small and medium businesses in the world is aware of the significant role marketing plays in business, and all entrepreneurs know the importance of reaching out to their audiences. Your brand’s reach and the profits from your business are directly proportional to each other. So you need to increase customer engagement towards your brand and make your brand a familiar household name.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how vehicle wrapping will help you grow your business.

Businesses That Benefit From Truck Wraps:

Any business can use vehicle wraps as a source of advertising. However, certain businesses, such as those mentioned below, benefit greatly on using car wraps or van wraps.

    Electrical Services

If you have an electrical service business, your van, car or truck is an essential element to advertise your brand on the go. Just wrap a vinyl advertisement on your truck or car.

    Heating & Air Condition services

If you have an air-conditioning service, there’s a good chance that you have a truck. You can use truck wraps here as well. Just take a stroll around town and you may get potential customers in the traffic.

    Plumbing Services

This is a great marketing strategy for plumbing businesses and will help by spreading enough awareness in the local area.

    Moving & Delivery Services

Moving and delivery services are always going around town with their trucks. So truck wraps are an affordable and unique marketing strategy for them too.

    Garden and Home Services

Those specializing in garden and home services are always roaming around the city in their cars or vans. Hence, it’s a great opportunity to put their advertisements. This includes professions like electrician, plumber, carpenters, pest control, and landscape architects.

    Food Delivery and Catering:

As a caterer, your van is a vital part of your business. So why not show off your brand through it? Food-related ads on your van are quite memorable, especially if people are stuck in traffic. Some of the other businesses that can use car wraps are dog sitters, babysitters, event managers, etc.

How Do Vinyl wraps Help You?

    Everyone you pass in traffic will at least take a look at your brand

Let’s start with a question. There are two cars going on a street. One is simple metallic grey or black and the other is a fluorescent green or some bright colored car. Which one will grab your attention more? It’s obviously the fluorescent car.

So if people pass a bright-colored car, they certainly will look at the vehicle at least once. And by taking a look, they’ll actually get familiar with the brand.

    Even if it’s not on the street you’ll gain exposure

Even if your car is standing in a parking lot or on the street across your house, it will gain attention, thereby increasing the exposure of your brand. Once you understand how you can cleverly park to attract potential customers, it becomes free advertising after a certain point. For example, if you have a business in the medical field, park your car in the parking lot of a hospital. That will surely get the required attention.

    Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard

Want to widen the scope of your advertising? Just hop on the highway. A few dollars of gas is certainly cheaper than radio advertising or putting up a billboard on the side of a highway. While it might seem like a waste of time at first, there is a good chance that a potential buyer might call you right after you take such a stroll. Publicity can’t hurt, right? You can see the eye catching appearance we have done for  Preference by Ana in our blog header image above.

    Advertising  with your truck wrap will make your brand more professional

A great wrap doesn’t just make your company look modern, but also makes your company look big. It can turn your business into an epitome of trustworthiness. People who stumble upon an advertisement on a vehicle definitely think that the company which invested on vehicle wraps is already a well-established firm. This boosts the popularity of your brand and hence makes it a household name.

    It can be permanent or a temporary advertisement

Vinyl is very durable and can actually be quite long-lasting. Furthermore, it is also possible to replace the advertisement. Removing vinyl from the surface of a car is a simple procedure as compared to removing paint. So it can be a constant or varying promotion.

    It’s a cost-effective way of advertising

Vehicle wraps are very cost effective. After a certain point, they’re like advertising your brand for free. And there’s no need to review contracts or anything else. Once you’ve got a wrap on your car, it will advertise your brand for as long as it remains there. If it’s on a bigger surface, it can be seen more clearly. Truck wraps are therefore quite a famous form of mobile advertising.

    It is a non-intrusive advertising

If you’re listening to a radio program that keeps getting interrupted by repeated advertisements, it becomes irritating. But putting up an advertisement on a car cannot be intrusive and actually grabs the attention of the audience better than any other form of advertising. People at least look back once to see what’s being advertised.

    Visibility isn’t bound to time frame

If you’re putting up your ad on television or radio, it will be played or shown during a particular time slot. This is not the deal with truck wraps or car wraps. Any person passing by the street can take a look at your advertisement anytime.It isn’t bound to the restrictions of people tuning into a given frequency at specific hours. Even when your car isn’t moving, it’s still advertising your business.

●    Why Car Wraps Are Right for Your Business?

  • If you drive your car all around the city, you can definitely put up an advertisement of your business on it, which will definitely help you reach out to a wider customer base. So if you’re on the road, why not publicize your brand?
  • If you have a local business, you need to make sure that you opt for car wraps or van wraps. These are a great way to reach out to the locals. With online marketing, it can be difficult to actually target your potential customers. In case of vehicle wrapping, your intended audience becomes clearer.
  • Would you like creative marketing? What’s better than putting your advertisement on a car?. You can wrap your own vehicle and roam around the city with all the publicity you need. You can even be as creative as you want with a car wrapped.

 The most important building blocks of any business are time and money. Car and truck wraps will save you both. Wrapping a car roughly takes around a day or two and does not need to be renewed. Once you put up a wrap, it will last longer than any other type of marketing material. So this is an efficient way of advertising your business.

Do’s and Don’ts of Car wrapping

It’s important to take care while designing a car wrap. You need to possess adequate knowledge of how to put up an advertisement.

●     Do’s:

  1. Always include your contact info in the advertising. This makes it easy for people to reach out to you.
  2. Always wash your car properly before going out to increase the appeal of your advertisement.
  3. Keep your car safely parked in a garage.

●     Don’ts

  1. Don’t make it difficult to read.
  2. Don’t use harsh products while washing your car. These decrease the lifespan of the wrap.
  3. Don’t store your car outside for a long period. It can damage your vinyl sooner.

As we all know, marketing is a major aspect of any business. And as an entrepreneur, publicity is everything you can ask for. Car wraps, van wraps or truck wraps are one of the most time and value efficient ways of doing so. They will concentrate as well as expand your target audience at the same time. Moreover, they’re also a long-lasting solution. These will increase the professionalism of your business and help your brand grow. At Rockwall Hightech Signs, we help you achieve everything that’s mentioned above and more. Contact us for more details.