Open Carry Signs in Texas

New sign rules for 2016!  Licensed Texans are now able to open carry handguns in belt or shoulder holsters. If your company policy prohibits handguns on premises, you’ll need to post one or two very large, very specific signs.

Here are some tips to help place your order:

  • The sign must have 1” tall text, in a contrasting color, with the exact wording listed in the penal code, in English and Spanish, posted at every entrance of the property.
  • With those rules in mind, the smallest sign possible is 24” x 24”.
  • If you change the text, the size, or use just a “gunbuster” symbol – that’s not technically up to code.  But if you choose to post non-code signs to make the message more attractive, you can always issue an oral statement if the need arises.

Sign 30.06 prohibits concealed handguns (but not open carry).

Sign 30.07 prohibits openly carried handguns (but not concealed).

Post both to prohibit both.

With this being a trending topic, business owners must weigh:

  • The benefits of having a clearly stated policy for the licensed customers who seek to comply, and the customers who would feel more comfortable with clear handgun policies.
  • Whether you want the sign to be fully compliant, versus using a non-code sign that requires a verbal statement if questioned (open to employee error or accusations of selective enforcement.)
  • Activists on either side praising or criticizing your sign (be aware of social media trends in your customer base.)

If you allow handguns and want to show your support for the right to open carry in Texas, there are novelty signs available online or at your local range.  We can also custom print these kinds of signs, along with any other policy statements for your public and employee areas.  Many of our contractors have templates ready for each jobs site, depending on the codes and policies in effect.

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