Gas & Oil Well Lease Signs

Gas & Oil Well Lease Signs

Ensure your oil & gas wells are properly marked, and that service trucks can find your production locations with high quality, long lasting signs from Rockwall Hightech Signs.

Made from metal dibond, with printed or cut vinyl text – our durable outdoor signs are engineered to withstand the harshest conditions and varying temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about replacing signs at your locations every year.

We guarantee complete customer satisfaction and rapid turnaround from quote to delivery. Just send us your details, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Customize your oil lease sign for your needs. Select the proper material for your application, and then add your logo, emergency contact information, and all the requirements for your state.  Once your template is set, any of your operators can order the right sign for their project.  Available for pick-up, delivery, or shipping.

We also offer high-quality outdoor Operator Name Decals (topline stickers) so you can re-use an existing sign at your site.  To get a quote on price and production time for your Oilfield Signs or Operator Name Decals, request a quote below!

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Each property that produces oil, gas, or geothermal resources and each oil, gas, or geothermal resource well and tank, or other approved crude oil measuring facility where tanks are not utilized thereon, shall at all times be clearly identified as follows. 3.3. RULE 3. IDENTIFICATION OF PROPERTIES, WELLS, AND TANKS. (1) A sign shall be posted at the principal entrance to each such property which shall show the name by which the property is commonly known and is carried on the records of the commission, the name of the operator, and the number of acres in the property. (2) A sign shall be posted at each well site which shall show the name of the property, the name of the operator, and the well number. (3) A sign shall be posted at or painted on each oil stock tank and on each remotely located satellite tank, or on each approved crude oil measuring facility where tanks are not utilized, that is located on or serving each property, which signs shall show, in addition to the information provided for in paragraph (1) of this section, the commission lease number for the formation from which oil in the tank, or in an approved crude oil measuring facility, is produced, and where oil from more than one formation is commingled in the same tank, or in an approved crude oil measuring facility, the sign shall show the number of the commission permit that authorized the commingling of the oil; provided that, if there is more than one tank in a battery which contains oil from only one formation or oil from different formations that is commingled pursuant to a single commingling permit, it will not be necessary for the sign to be posted at or painted on each tank if the sign posted at or painted on a tank in the battery shows the required information and clearly identifies, by tank number or otherwise, the tanks to which the information is applicable. (4) If a well is separately completed in two or more producing formations, the wellhead valve and flow line serving each separate formation shall be identified by a metal tag or other lettering attached to or painted on either the valve or flow line which shows the name of the formation and identifies the completion string of casing or tubing, as for example “”C”” for casing; “”UT”” for upper tubing; “”LT”” for lower tubing, etc., each being preceded or followed by the name of the producing formation. (5) The signs and identification required by this section shall be in the English language, clearly legible, and in the case of the signs required by paragraphs (1), (2), and (3) of this section shall be in letters and numbers at least one inch in height.


TEXAS OFFSHORE SIGN REQUIREMENTS 250.15 IDENTIFICATION. (a) Platforms, structures, artificial islands, and mobile drilling units which have helicopter landing facilities shall be identified with at least one sign using letters and figures not less than 12 inches in height. Signs for units without helicopter landing facilities shall use letters and figures not less than 3 inches in height. Signs shall be affixed at a location that is visible to approaching traffic and shall contain the following information which may be abbreviated: (1) Name of the lease operator. (2) The area designation based on OCS Official Protraction Diagrams (except in the Pacific OCS Region), (3) The block number (lease number in the Pacific OCS Region) in which the facility is located, and (4) Platform, structure, or rig name. (b) For each singly completed well, the lease number and well number shall be painted on the wellhead or on a sign affixed to the wellhead. In wells with multiple completions, each completion shall be individually identified at the wellhead. For subsea wellheads, the required sign shall be affixed to the flowline at a convenient surface location on the platform to which it is connected. All identifying signs shall be maintained in a legible condition.


NEW MEXICO SIGN REQUIREMENTS RULE 103 Amend NMOCD, Rule- 103 All wells and related facilities regulated by the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division (OCD), shall be identified by a sign. The sign will remain until the well is plugged and abandoned and the related facilities are closed. For drilling wells the sign shall be posted on the derrick or not more than 20 feet from the well. Such sign shall be of durable construction and the lettering shall be kept in legible condition. Lettering shall be large enough to be legible under normal conditions at a distance of 50 feet. The wells on each lease or property shall be numbered in non-repetitive, logical and distinctive sequence. When an operator change occurs, the new operator has 60 days to replace the information on the sign.


OKLAHOMA SIGN REQUIREMENTS RULE 3-203 WELL SITE D. Required Lease Signs: Within thirty (30) days after the completion of and producing oil or gas well, a sign shall be posted and maintained at the location showing operator of the well and the operator’s business phone number, name of farm, number of the well, and legal description of the well; provided, however, where more than one well is producing on a lease, the operator may post and maintain a sign at the principal lease entrance showing lease name, operator, legal description, and number of wells and on well designate the number of the well. Within thirty (30) days after completion or recompletion of an enhanced recovery injection well or a disposal well, a sign shall be posted and maintained at the well location, showing operator of well, name of farm, well number, legal description of the well, and the Commission order number on or after March 1, 1976, shall be posted at the well and shall and shall describe the location of the well to the nearest quarter section and shall show the section, township and range. On a 160-acre or larger drilling and spacing unit, a sign shall also be posted at the entrance to the well site. (4-2-81)