Sign Permits & City Ordinances

Permit Required?

Sign Permits & City Ordinances help cities reduce visual clutter, and protect property values. It also can help enhance the character of a community, and promote public safety.  Always check your local laws before installing an exterior sign, to make sure it’s allowed. Every town has different Sign Permits & City Ordinances rules, but we’ve worked all over the metroplex, and we can help you navigate the sign codes and permit application process.  We also offer a turnkey service to handle the sign permits for you, start to finish.  Prices range from $75 to $650 for the city, plus our service fee if you hire us to do the site survey, draw up the applications, or handle the permits entirely. To the side are links to the most common cities we install, to help you get started on research.  >

Most permits will need to know:

  1. Address of Sign Location
  2. Contact Info for Tenant
  3. Contact Info for Property Owner
  4. Measured Width of Lease Space (with photo)
  5. Measured Width of Total Property Frontage (with photo)
  6. Illustration of Sign Detail (artwork proof)
  7. Illustration of Install Detail (side and/or aerial view)

We Can help

We specialize in corporate accounts, contractor solutions, advertising wraps, and business logos on buildings, monuments, and pylons. Although we are capable of consumer graphics, we’ve chosen to strictly focus business to business sales. After all, there are great sites online that ship custom graphics for gifts and decor; or industry-specific sites with razor sharp pricing for just realtors, car dealerships, etc.  But when you’re launching a new business, or getting new graphics for your vehicles, you should be able to meet face-to-face with a sign expert who is laser focused on your success – who understands your goals, and gets you on that road asap. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about Sign Permits & City Ordinances.