Safety Signs

Safety Signs

Almost every construction site which has a well-operated working system uses signs as their integral part. The greater known fact about signs is that they alert people from undergoing any hazard and create a secure environment.  Ensuring that your construction site owns the best signs we have developed the custom construction signage process an easier one.

We also provide traffic Safety signs that can redirect pedestrians and traffic away from dangerous areas and situations that could put your job area at risk.

Construction traffic signs ensures that the traffic doesn’t lose its track and has an organized flow which is monitored and can be controlled easily while the workers are in the area. All of our traffic signs meet and exceed MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) standards for managing drivers. Our signs are made with the highest quality materials that provide an extended product lifespan, and our products offer the highest visibility for maximum safety for all drivers and worker.

Roll Up Traffic Safety Signs

Roll-up constructions signs improve visibility, portability, and the safety of all types of road conditions and worksites. The lighter weight materials used allow users to simply roll them up and take them from place to place. They are often made of mesh and they come in a wide range of styles. Since roll-up signs take up less space than traditional ones, it is easy to use more signs and deliver a number of messages to alert drivers to the conditions ahead.

Our Roll-Up Signs are made of mesh or vinyl and come with fiberglass ribs, also known as cross bracing, and feature a protective veil to prevent blooming and painful splinter and they also come with corner pockets made of tough polycarbonate for durability. Each sign is equipped with hook and loop Velcro strap for storage.

We offer the most popular sizes and legends all in a large variety of reflectivity including Super Bright, Marathon and Diamond Grade. Pink Incident Management roll-up signs are available for emergency responders, such as Police, Fire & Rescue and Medical Personnel.

We also offer a large selection of Sign Stands and accessories designed for both roll-up signs and rigid or Aluminum Signs with the option of adding vinyl flags to your stands for added visibility.

Importance Of Construction Signs

Construction sites can turn out be a dangerous place. Excess equipment and heavy machinery, large buildings, and people all of it needs to be organized in such a way that it none of the things should tangle into one another. To ensure that this hazardous environment stays as safe as possible you’ll want to alert employees, clients, and visitors of these potential dangers and for that you would be needing proper labels which would reduce the rate of hazards and will  remind workers to wear proper safety equipment and prevent harmful situations. To avoid all of this your site would be needing eye catching warning and cautionary signs printed.

Why You Should Trust Our Traffic Safety Signs

Traffic safety sign allows the employers to legally be obliged in maintaining the development of the site as a secured one by reducing, as well as eliminating the risks posed on construction sites to employees, subcontractors, guests as well as the common public.

Safety signs on the construction sites is an essential point which is needed and should be taken into consideration while chalking out the plans, and also you need many different messages for the location employees. Deter theft with rules or prospective risks. Most of the time indicators are required that are to be posted on development sites to warn and alert the workers for eye safety, ear defense, drop protection or security clothes that should be applied to the site.

Rockwall High supports you in the manufacturing of the signs. Full-color graphics mounted to your sign board with ground posts or frames installed in your empty lot will market assembling your shed to brighter future prospects.

Directional signs

Within a building zone, there are portions which are to be labeled. To improve the visitors within a construction site you’ll desire to accurately label these exceptional areas. Entrances, exits, restrooms, and offices can all be observed by desirable direction signs which would give an accurate sense of directions to the visitors. Directional signs can be designed with arrows to avoid the hustle and to reach the wanted destination without getting lost in the building. For a light-weight option for your directional signs, be positive to check out our inflexible plastic signs. These signs are weather resistant, durable, and versatile. With drilled holes, they can be installed through being hung with rope, zip ties, or bungees or constant to partitions or posts with washers, screws, or nuts and bolts.

Zephyr Highway Signal Stands

The Zephyr Roll-Up Sign Stand is made from a steel plate molded into a 38-pound skid-resistant rubber foundation, developed for use with roll-up signs only and is NCHRP 350 approved. It’s stable enough for windy conditions and the two molded grab handles on the foundation allow for easy transporting.

This stand utilizes a latch sort bracket that allows you to easily slide our roll-up signs to the bracket and lock them into place. To remove your sign from the Zephyr sign stand you just have to press the lever on top of the mast as well as the signal will release.

The mast can be easily folded down to enable storage and for stacking multiple bases on each other. It can accommodate 36″ and 48″ roll up indicators and shows indications 1 2″ off the floor. This roll-up sign stand is ideal for city, suburban, and utility function programs on low-speed roadways.

  •  The Zephyr portable indication stand is made from a metal plate molded into a recycled rubber foundation.
  •  The Zephyr low profile sign stand takes up tiny storage space in a warehouse or delivery automobile.
  •  The vertical mast folds down and locks in place to minimize damage throughout transporting, loading & unloading of the stand.
  •  The Zephyr stand is easy to use – simply release the level and increase the mast to lock it into the upright place. No further changes are essential.


Spring Transportable Sign Stands

Uniflex Solitary-Spring Signal Stand with vertical coil spring for 36 or 48-inch roll-up signs. At only 22 pounds, this stand is easy to use, store, and transport. Features a vertical spring design for rugged wind performance and sturdiness. Aluminum legs made of .100-inch wall plane quality 16-gauge tubing. 30-inch legs adapt to 5 1 inches to allow the stand to conform to the ground.

To ensure your work crews have all the space they need, we have minimized the amount of room our spring portable sign stand takes up by designing the stand to fold into a 30-inch size.

  •  Exclusive Quick-Release Program for most modular attachments and accessories
  •  Compact and Lightweight
  •  Bright Orange, UV Stabilized, Powder-Coated Legs, for Security, Durability
  •  Pull Pin and Kick Launch for fast setup by hand or foot
  •  Simple Nut & Bolt Construction enables for quick repairs utilizing simple hand tools
  •  Readily available Replacement Elements or Assemblies
  •  3 Height Adjustments for Uneven Terrain
  •  Skid resistant rubber feet

Roll-Up Stop Signs

Our roll up stop signs is the most appropriate solution for any storm or blackout. Most of the times, storm can throw away power lines and damage standing traffic control systems. Which is why our roll-up stop signs are the best signs to have in your storage facilities and have on hand in case you experience these events.

The Traffic Safety Store offers roll-up safety signs that are engineered with reliable EPDM rubber straps on each corner with military-type raise-the-dot fasteners which are made of heavy-duty, zinc-plated steel.

The fasteners attach to sound-tip steel posts in cross bracing supports. The straps expand and expand as needed, providing additional give-and-take in various weather conditions, retaining indication taut and readable.

Premium Material

Wide Range of Colors & Styles

Fully  Customized

Designing, Printing & Installation

Weather Proof

Ready within 10 to 15 Working Days

Available in all Shapes & Sizes