Lobby Signs

Custom Lobby Signs

What’s the second most important thing after you have placed brand sign outside your market place? The reception area that holds a key position which you bring in focus and need to label it with great craftsmanship. No customized banners, letters or light box cabinet are as intricately designed as the customized lobby signs which speaks for itself and tells the business philosophy in the most creative manner.

Why do we need Lobby Signs?

Having a lobby with no sign gives an incomplete look. Lobby and signs are directly proportional. Pick any profession it’s true for all of them, be it a medical building, tertiary sector, entrepreneurs or an information technology start-up, there is a recurring range of business where lobby signs hold an immense position. However, the need of this being universal doesn’t make the signs look unanimous too, Rockwall High has the most unique signs which will compliment your company.

 We provide you with the latest designs with a range of materials which you can choose according to your preferences.

 This is true for medical professionals, financial sector service providers, information technology start-ups and entrepreneurs of a wide range of other business types. While the need for this type of marker is pretty much universal, the actual look is as unique as you and your company.

We don’t just stick to our patterns; we are open to your ideas as well which you might have consulted from your interior designers. If that’s the case, then we would join our heads together and work as a team so nothing goes and looks odd, we then craft out excellent lobby signs and execute them in the most appropriate manner.

Material choices can travel a long way in order to enhance the branding which would speak for itself. For instance, brushed metal brings out logo’s beauty and business name for a fine stroke of precision or applying met laminated to a foam of substrate to have a depth in the display which is placed at a height to come under the spotlight. Both options are ideal for the company that wants to underscore its longevity and solid foundation in the local business community.

Getting Started on Your Lobby Sign is Easy!

Design Team at Rockwall High Tech Signs possess the required skills, which are needed to execute the best lobby signs and serve our customers to our best by going an extra mile to provide you with the pre-eminent signage for your lobby. Reach us today to get your lobby signage done by emailing us on sale@rockwallhightechsigns.com or call us on 972-525-2500 !

Available Options & Finishes


In addition to standard sizes, we can customize our products to any size and style of mounting hardware.


We specialize in permitting and ADA compliance and can assist you through the process


The sky is the limit with full color graphics or photo backgrounds.


ADA signage can be as complex and beautiful as you can desire, glass, metal, wood.

Premium Material

Wide Range of Colors & Styles

Fully  Customized

Designing, Printing & Installation

Weather Proof

Ready within 10 to 15 Working Days

Available in all Shapes & Sizes