Etched Window Film

Etched Window Film

Achieve the look of sand blasted glass with specialty films to add privacy, in solid stripes or with decorative cuts. We stock two styles of etched vinyl:


Smooth matte finish like an acid wash.


Sparkles like ice crystals.


This material comes in 24″ or 48″ panels, so depending on the size of your glass panes, we can do a privacy stripe at eye-level, or seam panels together in a creative way for full coverage.  Adding decorative shapes or logo cut-outs does add to the cost.

Medium Privacy

Etched vinyl offers a moderate amount of privacy, in terms of blurring the people in a room.  However the closer the object is to the glass, the more clearly you can see it.  So a room full of storage won’t be noticed if there’s nothing within a few feet of the glass, but if you stack boxes or hang wires there, it will show.  If you need full privacy, let’s talk solid window wraps instead.


Cutting your logo in etched film is a subtle and sophisticated way to brand your doors or windows. Depending what’s seen through the glass, there will be certain angles you’ll hardly notice the text, as it blends in with lighting and background views.  If you need the text to pop, consider using a mix of frost and white, because white is the most visible in all conditions.

Removal Tips

When it’s time to remove your etched films, the normal techniques are not appropriate – because a heat gun could cause the glass to crack or shatter.  Use a solution of water and dish soap, to saturate the vinyl with a fine mist, then cover with bubble wrap or plastic for two hours to prevent drying. The mixture of soap and water will penetrate through the vinyl and make peeling much easier, without using heat.

Premium 3M Material

Install Available

Stripes or Cut Logos

7 Year Lifespan

Water Resistant

Make Glass Wall Safer

Privacy & Style