Construction Signs

Custom Construction Site Signs

danger signPLASTIC
Lightest option while maintaining a rigid appearance. Great for PPE reminders, company branding, and safety signs.

reflective alumALUMINUM
Reflective or plain; perfect for entrance and warning signs, as well as important directional and safety notices.

maxmetalMAX METAL
Aluminum composite dibond offers the same durability, but much lighter than solid metal, and less expensive.

Solid or mesh vinyl banners can be hung as barricade graphics or safety notices.

Label your equipment with logo stickers. Whether you need 1 or 1,000 – we’ve got your covered.

Brand your vehicles with any size magnet. Strong yet easily removable if you switch work trucks or need to hide from the

Showcase your logo or start the “coming soon” buzz with feather flutter flags.

Weather resistant MDO is most popular on construction sites for its durability. Installation available anywhere in Texas.


We carry a variety of stock size blanks, or can can cut to any size needed. Most sheets are based on 4′ x 8′ or 5′ x 10′ boards.


We specialize in permitting and ADA compliance and can assist you through the process.


Full color graphics or photos enhance your brand and raise property value.


We offer installation anywhere in Texas, or we can deliver the signs to your crew.

Construction Site Signage

Almost every construction site which has a well-operated working system uses signs as their integral part. Custom signs catches the eye of visitors and workers which helps in enhancing your brand name. The greater known fact about signs is that they alert people from undergoing any hazard and create a  secure environment.  Ensuring that your construction site owns the best signs  we have developed the custom construction signage process an easier one.

Having years of experience in printing custom construction designs we can guarantee you that your demand will be catered to our fullest, providing you with an excellent work of art by our dedicated team. A team which strives to deliver work promptly with finest quality.

Be sure to be well informed about the laws and regulation before ordering which are enforced regarding the customer signs around your area which are compliant with any pertinent rules. Your city might be having certain codes of conduct related to signs boards which are to be followed. However, if you are unsure about the signage please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here is the list of few types that we use in making signs:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Rigid Plastic
  • Magnets
  • Reflective Aluminum
  • High Adhesive Decals
  • Feather Flags
Construction Site Signs:

Every construction is unique in its own way; every site has its own demands which are to be fulfilled. To make sure that your construction isn’t impeded in any way we are here to meet your needs. We will provide you with various types of signage which you might be needing.

We have every variety of signs in store with us, from your entrance and boundary fences to decals for your equipment. Our construction signs are durable, weather resistant and customizable. Be it a hanging on your fence, an attachment to a post in the ground or a stick on your vehicle, we’ve got just the accurate kind of sign for you.

Entrance and Site Signs:

No site is completed or operated without an appropriate labeled entrance. An entrance sign will balance your site, it will not let any unauthorized personnel enter your vicinity and will also control the traffic flow. For vehicles and human entrances, aluminum signs are preferred while wooden signs are suitable for company brand names. Both of the types are substantial and weather resistant and will speak for itself to convey its message. These signs don’t have to go through cumbersome process and can be easily installed on a rough surface in-between the poles. We recommend a middle post for larger wooden and aluminum signs.

Directional signs:

Within a building zone, there are portions which are to be labeled. To improve the visitors within a construction site you’ll desire to accurately label these exceptional areas. Entrances, exits, restrooms, and offices can all be observed by desirable direction signs which would give an accurate sense of directions to the visitors. Directional signs can be designed with arrows to avoid the hustle and to reach the wanted destination without getting lost in the building. For a light-weight option for your directional signs, be positive to check out our inflexible plastic signs. These signs are weather resistant, durable, and versatile. With drilled holes, they can be installed through being hung with rope, zip ties, or bungees or constant to partitions or posts with washers, screws, or nuts and bolts.

Warning signs:

Construction sites can turn out be a dangerous place. Excess equipment and heavy machinery, large buildings, and people all of it needs to be organized in such a way that it none of the things should tangle into one another. To ensure that this hazardous environment stays as safe as possible you’ll want to alert employees, clients, and visitors of these potential dangers and for that you would be needing proper labels which would reduce the rate of hazards and will remind workers to wear proper safety equipment and prevent harmful situations. To avoid all of this your site would be needing eye catching warning and cautionary signs printed. Aluminum signs are a great option for these types of warning signs. They are durable, weather resistant, and vibrant. These signs don’t rust and are designed to last for years despite outdoor use. Aluminum signs can be installed by attaching to posts, walls, or even hung where it seems prominent.

 Machinery & Equipment Decals:

We understand that your construction areas costs heavily because of all the hefty expensive equipment, machinery and vehicles and you would want all of it to be handled with care while they are being operated. We have just the right kind of labels for your machinery which would direct the user of the equipment as per your and machine’s demand. These decals are easily installed and can remain in place for a permanent solution that lasts through high traffic, heavy handling, and severe weather conditions. They are a great way to put your logo on your property and equipment. For temporary labeling of machinery or equipment, our magnets offer a semi-permanent option. These are easily installed and removed from compatible surfaces. Magnets are long lasting, durable, and can be used inside and outside.

Company Branding Signage:

We are energetic about delivering quality signage and branding management to our customers that reflect organization values… Having a sign intended for your particular needs is more compelling for advertising your business, promote your items, and enhancing the general client experiences. Quality Services That Increase Your Reach. Marking is one part of each business that can’t be disregarded. It gives a business a personality that its target group can identify to. One take of the biggest organizations in the world is all it takes to appreciate the impact that branding has. So whether it is signage, mark or structural components, or repair and maintenance let Rockwall High Tech Signs help you feature your space.