Boulevard Banners

Boulevard Banners

Schools, parades, trade fairs and college campuses use our boulevard banners, with our professional planning service, and permit assistance.  Installed on lamp posts, light poles, or flag poles to highlight your event or advertise your sponsors.

Printed full color, single or double sided, on heavy duty blockout banner, sewn to withstand wind and weather.  Pole pockets can be customized to fit your hardware, or we lease the bracket hardware to you.

  • Banners can be easily changed/replaced
  • Ideal for city events, festivals, parades, and other such major outdoor events
  • Adaptable and versatile – easily fits square, round and multi-sided poles
  • Lightweight
Common Design Guidelines
  • 30″ wide x 96″ tall
  • 4″ hem at top and bottom
  • 100 dpi printing on graphics and text
  • Full bleed design
  • Minimum recommended font size = 5” tall
  • Recommended font size = 18” – 24” tall
  • All text should be 2.5” from the edge to prevent cropping.
  • 16 oz. Blockout or higher quality.
  • Double Stitching at holding points.
  • Banner must be sewn on all edges.
  • No more than 10% of overall banner should contain sponsor logo or name.
Most Cities Require:
  • After the event, banners must be removed within five (5) business days.
  • The maximum duration for banners other than for events is 14 days.
  • Application must be resolved 7 days prior to the event.
  • The location of the poles granted is up to the City, and install may be affected by traffic or parking.
  • If a banner becomes loose or damaged by weather, you have 24 hours to repair or remove the banner.

We’re a registered installer for several cities and private properties in the metroplex. We can help plan your next pole banner promotion!

Custom Sizes

Single or Double Sided

Full Color Text & Photos

Aluminum or Fiberglass Hardware

Weather Proof

Ready in 15 Working Days

18 oz Blockout or Polyester Blend